Meet the Super Bloggers


Abigail King – Inside the Travel Lab

Abi is a British travel writer and blogger who swapped a career as a hospital doctor for a life on the road. She focuses on culture and luxury and has a soft spot for food, design and boutique hotels. After years in France and Spain, she’s returned to her homeland and based herself between the cities of London and Cardiff. She still blogs about the rest of the world over at Follow Abi on Twitter at @insidetravellab

Alex Gladwell – UK Curiosity Blog

Alex is a British travel writer and blogger with a passion for his native islands and all the strange, absurd and wonderful delights they hold. He has written for the Rough Guides and now writes for VisitBritain and the UK Curiosity Blog where he explores Britain’s curious corners and lesser known sights. Follow Alex on twitter @ukcuriosityblog

john williamsJohn Williams – Travel Crunch

John worked as a Mining Engineer and then as a Safety, Health and Environmental Adviser. The person behind the TravelCrunch and the Eurapart Project. Passionate about budget travel, the environment and snowboarding. His direction is towards sustainable travel, to enable us to enjoy our beautiful world, while allowing future generations to do likewise. Follow John on Twitter @Eurapart

Jonathan Thomas – Anglotopia

Jonathan Thomas is the Anglophile-in-Chief of – the website for people who love Great Britain. Anglotopia is the world’s largest gathering place for people interested in British Culture, Travel, History and much more! Jonathan used to run Anglotopia as a hobby but it grew so big that it’s now his full time job and he gets to spend all his time dedicated to spreading his love for Britain. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @anglotopia

Martin Dean

Martin is a UK based travel writer and musician who’s travelled across the world both with bands and without. He now writes for VisitBritain where he keeps people clued in on what Britain has to offer. Follow Martin on Twitter @martin_c_dean

Laura Porter – London Travel

Laura writes the London Travel site which is an online travel guide for visitors to London. She has lived in the London area all her life and can’t imagine ever wanting to live elsewhere. She visits London attractions every week and is a complete London obsessive as well as an afternoon tea addict. Follow Laura on Twitter @AboutLondon

Paul Steele – Bald Hiker

Loves adventure and challenges. Always looking to get up high on a mountain or trail no matter how high or far. Enjoys taking in all that is around him as he goes and sharing what he sees and feels. Hiking, climbing, trekking goals are what makes him tick. Organiser of the tweetup and hikes/climbs. Upcoming challenges will take him across the UK, Himalayas and Antarctica to the South Pole. Blogger for Huffington Post Travel and shares his journeys via his blog too. Follow Paul on Twitter @Paul_Steele

Pleasance Coddington – Cheapflights Blog

Pleasance is a British travel writer and online content specialist in travel.  She has written for numerous publications and sites including Wired, Lucky, Rough Guides and Yahoo! Travel and she founded After working for 6 years on content and social media at VisitBritain, she is now the Global Content and Social Media Content Manager for international travel dotcom Cheapflights. Follow Pleasance on Twitter @iPleasance

Zoë Dawes – The Quirky Traveller

Zoë Dawes, an accomplished and entertaining travel writer and tour guide, captivates her audience with an engaging and informal style.  Based in Cumbria, with a love of the arts, culture, natural beauty and people, she shares tales of inspiring landscapes, secret places off-the beaten track and travels in mind, body and spirit. Follow Zoë on Twitter @quirkytraveller