London shopping: then and now


We found some great retro photos taken in London’s shopping hotspots back in the Swinging 60s and 70s, and we thought we’d do a quick then and now for you, because we know you love those.

Carnaby Street

First up, here’s the zenith of 1960s cool, the legendary Carnaby Street. No doubt the Rolling Stones are just out of shot here, shopping for pointy shoes -


Carnaby Street - Uk National Archives

Carnaby Street – C1960 – UK National Archives



Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street today


Today you’re likely to see people dressed in the styles of all decades shopping on Carnaby Street – so Carnaby Street ‘today’ can just as easily look like 1976, 1984, or 1992, depending on who you choose to point your camera at. If you’re looking to find clothes of all eras to dress up in, Beyond Retro is just around the corner, while Brick Lane Market has all kinds of vintage boutiques and stalls overflowing with British fashion history.

Portobello Road Market

A little further west, just down the road from Notting Hill (then another hotbed of edgy bohemian living, full of artists, musicians and more), was Portobello Road Market. It doesn’t look too different today – except for the fact that that lady’s glasses can probably be purchased as antiques now.


Portobello Road - UK National Archives

Portobello Road – C1970 – UK National Archives




Portobello Road Market today


These pictures only show the tiniest pieces of Portobello Road, which really does sell practically everything. Here’s a bit more of a panorama, to give you the idea:

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market


For more information on British heritage and shopping, take a a look at our LoveWall

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