New Guidebook: 101 Budget Britain Travel Tips – 50% Off Now!


It’s no secret that Britain is an expensive place. At Anglotopia, we certainly know this. After making nearly 10 trips to the UK over the last decade, we’ve seen the best and the worst that Britain has to offer in the budget travel realm.

We’ve experienced it all from luxury travel to running out of money while in country (on separate trips!).

We get questions every day from readers asking how they can make the best of their trip and do it on a budget. We also get comments from people who’ve written off a trip to Britain entirely because they think it’s too expensive.

That’s a downright shame.

Britain may be expensive, but with careful planning and thought, you can travel there on a budget and still enjoy yourself. That’s why we decided to write a new guidebook dedicated to budget travel in Britain – to help anyone planning or thinking of planning a trip to Britain save money so they can make it happen.

Our new guidebook features 101 Tips about:

  • The cheapest ways to travel around Britain
  • The tourist attractions you can avoid
  • Free things to do in Britain’s major cities
  • How to plan with a budget in mind from Day 1
  • How to save money on souvenirs
  • Lodging tips so your hotel stay doesn’t break the bank
  • How to eat in Britain cheaply
  • And much more!

You can buy and download the guide instantly on website – we’re offering 50% off the price for a limited time so act fast.

Click here to read a sample chapter and find out more.

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