Win stunning collectors’ presentation pack of new UK stamps!


Did you know there are over 30 MILLION stamp collectors in the world!?

…that’s a lot of stamps.

Luckily we’ve got 10 collectors’ presentation packs of the beautiful new UK A-Z Stamp collection to give away to 10 lucky stamp-collecting winners! To enter, simply email your name and address to with “UK A-Z Stamp collection” as the email subject line. Winners will be picked at random on 21 October 2011 (see full terms & conditions).

UK A-Z stamps

The set of 26 stamps takes a delightful alphabetical tour of the UK featuring some of our most iconic landmarks such as the Angel of the North, Blackpool Tower, Edinburgh Castle and Downing Street. In fact, today our Prime Minister had a very special knock at the door when he received the very first letter posted using a new stamp showing his own iconic front door, Number 10 Downing Street!

Here are the first 12* (A-L) of the collection, released 13 October 2011:

* move cursor off the slider viewer to see full image and place names

5 Things you didn’t know about stamps:

  • Because postage stamps were invented in the UK it’s the only country in the world that does not have to put its name on them, just the monarch’s head.
  • A Royal Mail stamp is legal tender and technically you could use stamps to buy a drink or pay a bus fare (although we haven’t tried this!).
  • Gibbons in the Strand, London is the world’s oldest stamp dealer (established in 1856).
  • The gum on a definitive stamp (those with the Queen’s head) contains 5.9 calories (the equivalent of three grapes) while a special stamp has 14.5 calories.
  • Brit, Dean Gould, holds the world stamp-licking record after he licked and affixed 450 stamps on to envelopes in four minutes in November 1995. (let’s hope they were the low-calorie ones!)


*The remaining 12 stamps (M-Z) of the collection will be released in April 2012 – keep a look out on the Royal Mail website!

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    The internet has made stamp collecting – British stamps being the most widely collected in the world. The growth of online bidding in auction rooms has revolutionized dealing in stamps.

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